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Transmission Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscope (JEOL JEM2100)

Contact: Craig Johnson


Important Features

  • 200 keV TEM/STEM equipped with LaB6 electron gun, EDS detector for chemical analysis, bright-field STEM detector and imaging system, and high-resolution objective-lens pole piece
  • Capable of < 0.2 nm high-resolution imaging, nano-beam and convergent-beam electron diffraction, and EDS compositional mapping
  • Computer-controlled operation using intuitive and easy to use MS Windows™ based software
  • Specimen holders include single and double tilt, high-tilt tomography, biasing, and heating
  • TEM sample-preparation equipment available: ion mill, jet electropolisher, cryo-ultramicrotome, and other sample sectioning, grinding and polishing equipment
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