Micro Computed Tomography System (MicroCT) Skyscan1172

Important Features

  • Provides 3D, non-destructive evaluation of internal structure and composition of a specimen based on x-ray absorption diffrerences 
  • 100kV, 10W max X-ray source
  • 1 micron pixel size - 5 microns low contrast resolution
  • 10 Megapixel camera (05k x 1k, 1k x 2k, or 2k x 4k field of view)
  • 68 mm maximum specimen length, 35 mm maximum diameter (or 68 mm by camera offset)
  • Variety of filters, including: 0.5 mm Al, 1.0 mm Al, 0.5 mm Al / 40 μm Cu, 0.25 mm Cu 
  •  X-Y positioning stage
  • Mechanical testing (tension, compression, torsion) stage
  • Cooling stage 

Contact and more information

Dr. Antonios Zavaliangos azavalia@coe.drexel.edu


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