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Focused Ion Beam

Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam - SEM (FEI Strata DB235)

Contact: Craig Johnson


Important Features

  • Site specific precision ion milling and metal deposition for 3D nanomachining,  materials characterization, nanopatterning and nanofabrication.
  • High brightness gallium ion beam
  • Gas injection systems for platinum and insulator deposition
  • Secondary electron and secondary ion imaging
  • High-resolution in-lens secondary electron detector
  • Omniprobe in-situ micromanipulator for preparation and manipulation (lift-out) of TEM samples
  • Integrated X-ray fluorescence analyzer with a separate X-ray source providing high sensitivity for trace analysis of elemental composition (IXRF)
  • Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDS) with e-beam
  • Combined XRF-EDS spectral and mapping capabilities
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