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Instructions for Existing Core Facilities Users

Instructions for Core Facility users to generate Individual User Reports

Individual User Reports are MS Excel spreadsheets that can be generated by users with the FOM software. The Report contains all login, scheduling, training and billing information for all instruments accessed by the user during the selected time period. The information includes cancelled reservations and actual usage (see “Comments” column). The entry of the subscription information shows up as a single usage of the instrument with the subscription charge in the “Usage” column and “Equipment Recharge…” in the “Comment” column. Training fees are reported in the “Training” column. The account charged for the usage, training or subscription is found under the “Project Name” column. Project names can be cross referenced for account numbers using the “My Accounts” page in FOM (see sidebar).


  1. Log onto FOM.
  2. Click “User Reports” found in the left-hand sidebar.
  3.  Enter Start and End dates for your query. NOTE: The report will not include the end date but will include the start date.
  4. Click “Submit” button.
  5. An MS Excel file will be generated and automatically sent to your download location. The column widths can be adjusted to show all the information.
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