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Core Facilities Policies


Core Facilities services are paid up front.

Prepayment for Core Facilities subscriptions and assisted usage by External academic users and Company users must be made by checks payable to "Drexel University" or by credit card. 

Subscription Policy

Subscriptions are currently offered for periods of 6 months, 3 month and 1 month.  Users planning extended periods of travel and inactivity are advised to select and enroll in subscription periods for which they plan to require access to the instrument or instrument cluster.

The director of the CRF core facility shall review, in consultation with the CCF, a formal written request by a user her/his responsible faculty PI for a refund for an unused portion of a subscription in the event of a documented withdraw/non-matriculation, leave of absence or permanent departure from the University.  The request should include the name of the user and of the responsible faculty PI, the effective dates of subscription, and the reason for the request for refund or credit.

Requests will be reviewed and acted upon at the next monthly CCF meeting.  If approved, the PI will be offered a choice of either a pro-rated refund (from the date that the request was received) or a credit applicable towards user facility access.  If the request for credit is made prior to six months into a given fiscal year (July 01-Dec 31), the credit must be used within the same fiscal year (June 30).  If the request for credit is made following six months into a fiscal year (Jan 01-June 30), the credit must be used prior to the end of the subsequent fiscal year.

Instrument Downtime Extensions

If an instrument, which is included in a prepaid subscription, has been down for more than 20% of the time during a given 6-month subscription period, the Core Facility will automatically extend the subscription on this instrument by the amount of downtime with no additional cost.

Negligent Use of Equipment

Any costs incurred for repair or replacement of parts and equipment caused by improper or negligent use will be born by the faculty advisor, and will be automatically charged to the Acc # provided by the user on the Core Facilities access form.

Accompanying Person and Visitor Policies

Bringing along collaborators and/or colleagues to accompany authorized users during the work on the Core Facilities instruments is allowed provided the following rules are complied with:

  • The accompanying person is not involved in ANY direct work with the instruments and sample preparation. The subscribed student /user MUST always be the only operator of the instrument for which s/he has been trained to work with. The accompanying person must be in the role of an observer only and needs to have completed Drexel’s safety-on line training as explained above.
  • Training of the accompanying person by the subscribed student/user how to operate the instrument is not allowed.
  • Leaving the accompanying person with no supervison at the instrument or providing access for her/him in the Core Facilities labs when the subscribed student is not present is not allowed. 
  • If the accompanying person is an External (non-Drexel) visitor his presence in the Core Facilities labs must always be known in advance by the respective manager, who at his discretion could request the visitor to fill in and sign Visitor Authorization Form as per Drexel Department of Safety and Health regulations.
  • No individual under the age of 16 may enter Core Facilities labs unless he/she is participating in an organized educational program sponsored by his/her school and approved by the Vice Provost for Research Compliance, the Department of Safety and Health, and the Chair of the Department where the program will take place. For more details see Drexel's Visitor Policies for Minors
  • No individual between the ages of 16 and 18 may enter Core Facilities labs which are work areas with potentially hazardous conditions unless the minor complies with the regulations in Drexel's Visitor Policies for Minors

Subscribers to Core Facilities instruments regularly violating these policies will lose their privileges for a certain period of time.

Core Facilities Acknowledgements

When publishing results obtained in the Core Facilities labs, we kindly request you to acknowledge the use of the Core Facilities in the College of Engineering at Drexel University, and the contribution or assistance of any relevant staff member. Please send us reprints of any published papers or conference proceedings where Core Facilities equipment has been used to obtain all or part of the experimental results.

Safety Regulations and Forms

Drexel Safety Training

All subscribed users and visitors must complete Drexel Lab Safety Training on-line at www.drexelehstraining.com. The confirmation page of successful completion of Drexel Lab Safety Training on-line must be submitted electronically or as a hard copy to the respective manager by all users and visitors of the Core Facilities. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

No Show and Late Cancellation Fees

A $50 fee will be charged to the account supporting the user’s subscription for Late Cancellations of Prime Time and all No Shows regardless of scheduled time.

Late Cancellations are defined as any cancellation made within 12 hours of the scheduled start time. Prime Time is defined as any instrument time scheduled to begin between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday excluding University holidays.

No Shows are defined as any instance that a user does not show up to a scheduled session or is more than one hour late to a scheduled session.

After each of the first two late cancellations, users and their advisors will receive a warning and no fee will be assessed. The fee will be assessed for the third offense and all occurrences thereafter. The No Show fee will be assessed in all cases beginning with the first offense.

Anytime a late cancellation or no show occurs, a notice will be sent to the user and the user’s advisor notifying them of the potential fee. If the user or advisor feels that the fee has been applied in error or if the Late Cancellation or No Show was the result of a medical or family emergency, the advisor should submit a written appeal to the Instrument Manager and Facility Director. Written appeals will be reviewed by the Committee on Core Facilities. No fee will be assessed for late cancellations or no shows during any period when the instrument is unavailable because of maintenance or repair.

To avoid the fee, users can find another user to take their place, but must email the manager in advance and request the schedule change. If the log on software is disabled or crashed, the user must immediately notify the instrument manager to avoid the No Show fee.

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